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with password the two ubuntu ones, see here: the one that was installed says it's for Natty but the one i have installed seems to be for maverick i tried running the one from the website and it is for Lucid is that normal? also i installed Unity and now I don't see the dash and the top bar on firefox is gone the back button on firefox is gone but then i found this unity toolbar that is what i am using now, don't know if that is the reason but it works for now this is the only other toolbar: no idea if the top bar thingy is normal, can you tell me if that is normal? also my window decoration is gone that is not normal, is it? how can i fix that? ewet: Are you using Unity? I don't think that much of that is normal, but you probably know all that. i installed it from a repository in ubuntu my previous ubuntu didn't have it Oh, cool. That was my bad. so it wasn't in the repos i do see the dash though but now the firefox bar is gone again ewet: We can't really help you much without more detail. thanks anyway Did you say you were using the default Ubuntu install? yes i just installed ubuntu Do you know what the issue is? I just wanted to install Unity so I could get used to it I have lots of problems with the Ubuntu 13.10 update, so I tried to install from a repository but the upgrade doesn't work Ah, so it didn



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Winols V1 721 Crack Damos Rar Files

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